A movie that goes head initially into the lives of residents of a housing commission tower whose courses go across after a surprising event occurs on their front doorstep. Claudio is an aspiring musician with a difficult training, while Jaiwara is an university student from an immigrant family members disaster brings their initial conference. Fight it out is an ageing criminal activity employer who does points his method, Angelo is his distressed criminal offense royal prince that aspires to be the boss And also go his very own method. A tale of justice, commitment, social struggles as well as a gorgeous romance underpinning as well as at the centre of the movie, a tale of love and hate. Power struggles all played out masterfully on the di ... Read more »

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Aura is gifted with wonderful capabilities; she and also her buddies have lots of exciting journeys at the academy, yet quickly Aura discovers that the school hatches several dark secrets that she need to discover. Will she have the ability to reveal the reality?




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