As a fatal flu virus devastates Europe, Jack, a young man from the city, takes refuge in the French Alps. Ill-equipped to survive the harsh winter, things only get worse when Kara, armed and dangerous, breaks into his house and commandeers his dwindling food supplies. His inept plan to get rid of her disintegrates when outsiders invade the house, turning his captor into his only ally. A siege ensues and Jack learns there is more to the relationship between Kara and the assailants. But time is running out for all of them as supplies run low and the deadly flu virus spreads through the house. Forced to confront his new reality, Jack must choose a side or take things into his own hands if he hopes to survive. An ice cold thriller, Hendrik Faller's fe ... Read more »

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Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler, Olympus Has Fallen, 300) is on the hunt for a U.S. sub in distress when he discovers a secret Russian coup is in the offing, threatening to dismantle the world order. Captain Glass must now assemble an elite group of Navy SEALs to rescue the kidnapped Russian president and sneak through enemy waters to stop WWIII.




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