This gritty ensemble drama follows a dollar bill as it changes hands in a dead-end Louisiana town, starting with a cop named Harry who gives it to his nephew. As Harry probes a murder, his partner Jay tries to head off a corruption investigation. Now, the dysfunctional pair must race to find the killer before Harry's actions lead to consequences that can't be undone.



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Oliver and Lucy Sinclair were raised on treasure hunts. Their father would hold a hunt each year, sending his children gallivanting around the house and island to find hidden prizes and secrets. But, like all children do, Oliver and Lucy grew up. After a year of estrangement, their eccentric father unexpectedly passes away, and the two siblings journey back home to put his affairs in order. Oliver leaves behind a very pregnant girlfriend, Susan, and a less than successful small business, while Lucy skips out on her studies, which she is more than happy to do. After a night of uncomfortable tension, they meet with their father's lawyer. Instead of being handed a standard will, the two are met with something unexpected... A treasure ... Read more »

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